Elite Medic provides high-quality, affordable training for you and your whole team.

If you are :

  • a dental clinic
  • a dental hygiene clinic
  • a member of the Professional Order of Dentists (ODQ)
  • a member of the Professional Order of Denturologists (ODQ)
  • a member of the Professional Order of Dental Hygienists (ODHQ)



We have the right training for you. Each clinic has their own needs and requirements, which is why we offer a variety of training options to address your needs:

  • CPR for adult and child (for the requirements of your professional order)
  • CPR for adult, child and infant
  • Basic Life Support (also known as "Healthcare Professional CPR")
  • First Aid with CPR
  • First Aid with Basic Life Support


If you are looking for a different training, please let us know in the contact form below. We can most likely accommodate your request.

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Important details

Approximate training date

If you have an idea of the period/date at which you will need to complete your training, please let us know.

Special training request

If you need a specific training (such as a specific organization or level), please mention it in the form.


Yes, we can teach at your facilities, as long as it meets our requirements.

Those requirements depend on the size of your group, but generally, all we need is enough floor space for practice, and access to an outlet for the audiovisual equipment.

As many as you want! We have ratios to respect when it comes to the number of instructors and the amount of equipment, but as long as you have space, we can make it work.

Yes! We only certify you through recognized organizations. That means that your employer should recognize it.

If you are part of a professional order, we ensure that the training we provide is recognized by said order before proceeding.

Validity Period

One (1) to three (3) years. If you take a first aid course with us, the validity of your card is 3 years. If you take a CPR card, the validity period varies between 1 and 3 years based on the level of the course, and the certifying body.

It depends. Some certifications have a recertification process that is shorter, but some certifications require that the course be taken from the beginning.

We will happily inform you of your renewal options when we book a course with you.

No. Whilst we would love to recertify you when you expire, we don't lock you in with us with homemade programs.

You can renew with any company or instructor that is certified with the organization listed on your card.

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